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From the very start our mission has been to develop Unity1+ as
the natural the intersection of brewing excellence and intuitive
user experience, giving everyone the ability to create the perfect
cup of coffee every time. We believe we have reached that
goal by providing a fully-automatic coffee machine that yields
barista-quality drinks at the push of a button.


As a result of the merge of Expobar (Spain) and Coffe Queen (Sweden), plus the recent incorporation of Spengler (Germany), we are the sector manufacturer with the most extensive product range, leading the market in the design and manufacture of any type of coffee solution at professional level.

5 senses in unity

Unite your senses with the Unity1 and Unity1+
Sight: When creating UNITY we looked at it from all angles and user
perspectives to fully understand their roles and individual interactions with the unit(y). It has been a very conscious and innovative process to fulfil both aesthetic and functional needs. Unity is designed with a definite purpose and behind unity’s stunning exterior hides a world of smart solutions.

Sound: The sounds associated with making a cup coffee can make
as much of an impression, for better or worse, as any of the other
senses. Therefore we have measured, calibrated and engineered
Unity so that the auditory elements compliment the coffee experience as much as the sight, smell and taste. All senses are in Unity!

Touch: Expensive materials don’t automatically translate into a quality product. Choosing the right material in the right place for the right reason, how well the solution is thought out, and how the product is assembled are all critical. The concept of delivering a product that is greater than the sum of its parts has been the goal from the very beginning. Unity - quality where it matters!
Smell: The alluring aroma of fresh coffee is unmistakable, whether
it is in a coffee shop, convenience store, hotel breakfast area or in
an office. A passionately brewed coffee can convert even the most
devoted tea drinker. Unity is fully adjustable to guarantee that any
coffee roast will yield the perfect flavor and aroma.

Taste: As admitted coffee-holics, we know that the taste of the coffee plays the most important role in the coffee experience. When it comes to ensuring that our solutions give you the tools you need for the perfect cup of coffee time after time we are uncompromising! Our brewers have been tirelessly tested to highlight the richness of every coffee bean.

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