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One machine - two crafts

We think coffee is amazing in all its forms. Everything from a powerful espresso to a perfectly rounded filter coffee. Therefore, we have developed a machine where you are free to choose what kind of coffee you would like to enjoy. Unity is our way of celebrating both filter and espresso coffee.


Espresso is an art. But unlike a fine painting, it can’t be a one-time masterpiece, it has to be perfect and it has to be repeatable. Our patented espresso brewer takes the stress out of espresso by making the perfect single or double shot every time - automatically.

Because every bean and roasting process has its own unique story
to tell, our espresso brewer is adjustable for strength, dose size, extraction rate, and volume. So you can have your shot exactly the way you like it.


Perfect filter coffee can be a thing of beauty, but making a bold, bright , flavorful cup of coffee is no easy task. Accurate volumetric, temperature and extraction control are just as important as the coffee roasting and grinding process to ensure success.

To make sure that every brew is as flavourful and fresh as possible, our filter coffee brewer is customizable to maximise the flavour profile of the coff ee roast. The brewer settings also allow for brewing strength and total in-cup volume adjustment – with a maximum coffee dose of up to 14g* per cup.

Intuitive user interface

Unity has a user interface that is simple and easy to use. Users have the ability to customize their own drinks and choose from a variety of coffee favorites. For the true connoisseur, we offer the possibility to fine-tune their drinks.

You can easily manage and control the machine’s hardware, stats, cleaning, maintenance, alerts and visual appearance. Match the interface’s appearance after your decor or graphic profile. We can help you to control the color of the icons, wallpaper, screen saver, logo and image for brewing. All settings are designed to allow the machine to be adapted to the location and user.

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